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Nervous system can be describes as one of the controlling system of our body, just a small disorder with the mechanism of nervous system can disturb entire body. Neurology is the specific branch of medical science which only deals with such disorders and their treatment. Neurological disorders are of distinct types and so their treatment too. If you are also affected with any of the neurological disorder then Evya hospital and diabetic research center is the best solution for you where you will get most effective neurological treatment by the best neurosurgeon in LB nagar.

We have the best neurosurgeons in Hyderabad who are highly skilled and well informed with the latest medical technologies and equipment which makes us one of the best and leading hospitals for neurological disorder treatment.

Few neurological disorders which are mainly treated by our professionals are listed below:

Alzheimer's disease

Birth defects of the brain and spinal cord

Brain injury

Brain tumor


Neuromuscular and related diseases

Parkinson's disease

Spine tumor



And many moreā€¦


If you are facing any of these disorders and willing to get rid of it with the most effective treatment then connect with our experts today and consult the experts.